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We at Packabook invite you to take the trip of a lifetime (and by that we mean we hope it lasts a lifetime!) - a travel fiction adventure we have decided to call the One Country One Book's our own special kind of book club.

This is a journey around the world through some of the most wonderful works of fiction we can find.

You are invited to join us each month as we travel to a different country, reading one novel that is set there and exploring something of the country itself. Novels so often reveal amazing stories about places that we never knew, and throughout our journey we will unearth as many of these stories as we can.

Whether you have traveled to the countries we are visiting our not, reading our book selections will, for a short time at least, make you feel as if you had. And you will come away filled with the sights, sounds and stories of those who live there.

And once we have been all the way around the world? Well, we'll just start again at the beginning and keep going, this time with a whole new selection of books.

This is how it works.

Each week you will receive an email to accompany your reading.

Week 1 - An introduction to the novel

Week 2 - A look at some of the key facts about the country that relate to the book

Week 3 - Some travel ideas for the place itself - just in case you find yourself going there, and to whet your appetite for travel plans in the future.

Week 4 - We return to the novel, look at some of the reviews and then make plans for our next country.

We are hugely excited about this world trip and would love you to join us. It doesn't matter when you start as the emails will begin when you do, and then follow on week by week -- so you will never be left behind.

If you were to join us right now you would be standing at the natural harbor in the town of Poole on England's south-coast, ready to begin the journey. Your bags are packed, mainly with books of course, and your spirits high, as you prepare to board the ferry that will take you across the ocean.

But where will the first stop be? Well - we're not giving out any secrets here. To find out - you'll have to take the plunge and join us.  If you are joining us from Europe you will want to nip over to the form on our UK site. If you are in the Americas, go ahead and sign up through your facebook account...


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We look forward to having you as part of our Packabook community

Suzi at Packabook

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