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Hightailing it to Highgate – books set in one of London’s most-loved cemeteries

It was one of those glorious Thomas Hardy “summer face and winter constitution” type days last Sunday, just begging me to get out and explore some small part of London I had never been. So after hoisting myself off the comfort of my West London underfloor heating I braved the whims of weekend public transport […]

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Books set in London – Walking the streets with Oliver Twist

I have had a bit of a revelation. I have been living in London for around eight years now, and somehow, without realising it, I have fallen out of wonder with it. How can that be? London is one of the most fascinating cities in the world, full of history, great architecture and an absolute […]

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Books set in England – World Party Reading Challenge

This month we turn to England for our World Party Reading Challenge – and I have to admit that for me, a country like England is more of a challenge than just about any other country we have looked at. I mean where do you start? There must be hundreds of thousands of novels set […]

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