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Review of The Long Song by Andrea Levy – Books set in Jamaica

I have just finished reading Andrea Levy’s The Long Song for the World Party Reading Challenge for books set in Jamaica and so while I’m finding myself thinking in the style of Miss July’s Jamaican patois, I shall do my very best not to write in it! I really enjoyed this novel in which we view the […]

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Exploring novels set in Jamaica – World Party Reading Challenge

Well, I have been a dismal failure in keeping up with my own (inherited!) challenge…but as with all setbacks, there is nothing to be done but to pick yourself up and carry on. So for now, we are all going to have to do a little bit of creative calendaring and pretend we are back […]

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Packabook is off to the Caribbean – Books set in Jamaica

Packabook has uncovered a fantastic selection of books set in Jamaica including Andrea Levy’s new novel ‘The Long Song’. If you are looking for a novel set in Jamaica to put you in the holiday mood, then we have lots of suggestions.

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